Discover Italy with us

We have the privilege of working with the world’s most beautiful country. From the north to the south, Italy has everything you could wish for, and there is always something new to discover and learn. From a historical, cultural, artistic, geographical and gastronomic perspective, Italy is unbeatable. The country surprises, charms and enchants with a fantastic climate all year round, friendly people, professional service and excellent food and wines. Each region is strongly committed to its own culture and history, making Italy a destination with enormous potential! From the Alps and lakes to the north, via the wine district of Langhe or Franciacorta, we take you to the beautiful villages along the coast of Cinque Terre, and via the fabulous landscape of Tuscany south towards Apulia on the heel of the boot and of course to Sicily, the island that has everything. We know Italy and show you the hideaways you will not find yourself. Rome, Milan, Turin, Venice and Florence offer unique meeting environments for unforgettable experiences. There is a lot going on in Italy now and the development offers great opportunities, here tradition is combined with innovation and the result is perfect.

Our excellence is the result of many years of experience that makes us well prepared and confident in what we offer. During the low season, we plan and evaluate services to make you, customer, feel confident and secure. We have continuous contact with our suppliers throughout the country and can thus offer you a reliable, tailor-made product.

We stand with one foot in each country and connect the diversity that Italy has to offer with your wishes and expectations. After many years we know the language, the culture and the codes. Our past experience is our strength: some of us have been tour leaders, others come from hotels or the aviation or travel industry. This makes us a full-fledged team where we complement each other.

We regularly visit event- and travel agencies in Europe and participate in the industry’s most important international trade fairs.