Milan and the lakes

Milan, in the last 20 years, has grown in size and importance to become a metropolis of Italian economy. Here creativity, inspiration and innovative thinking are born. Milan surprises, not least in connection with fashion or design and the furniture fair, as innovation and imagination go like a red thread throughout the city. At dusk, it is buzzing with people enjoying their classic Milanese aperitif and unwinding after a long day of work.

What can a conference here offer?
Here you can explore the latest in Italian design both in terms of meeting location and dinners in exciting environments. If you want to have an event with a little quieter pace, but within easy transfer distance from Milan’s airports, the beautiful, large lakes in the north offer breathtaking views and the opportunity for wonderful outdoor activities. Even in Italy’s “Champagne district” Franciacorta there are great opportunities for events in combination with eg. boat excursions and cycling, or for the more adventurous rafting or canyoning.

The modern Milan
A strong upturn in the last twenty years has brought with it many large investments that make the architectural environment bubble of change. Some examples of huge transformation projects are City Life Milano, with three skyscrapers by star architects Zaha Hadid, Daniel Libeskind and Arata Isozaki, and Porta Nuova, which, among other things, houses the tree-lined Bosco Verticale and Torre Unicredit high-rise buildings with its 231 meter high spire. Amicheitalia offers the architecturally interested fantastic visits and walks around the city with the Swedish architect Erik Ingvert.

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