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Rome, Italy
Amicheitalia s.r.l.
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Lund, Sweden
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Hilda Ljunghill

Owner/CEO, Creative

Hilda came to Italy in the late 1980s and began working with incoming in Rome in the early 1990s. She soon discovered there was a place on the market for an incoming agency with Scandinavian focus and started Amicheitalia in 2002.

Hilda is Amicheitalia’s CEO and works with both creative programs for groups and events, and with the company’s management and development.

Why Amicheitalia?
-I love working with personalized meeting design – creating efficient meetings with logistics that work is both creative and stimulating.

Anna Cavallini


Anna grew up in Sweden and Italy and moved to Rome in 1991. She eventually got a job at an Italian incoming agency where she developed passion for event management and joined Amicheitalia as early as 2003. Anna works with groups and events of all kinds throughout Italy.

Why Amicheitalia?
– I did not hesitate when I got a chance to be part of Amicheitalia’s dynamic and productive team.

Anni Knudsen


Anni came to Rome in 1997 as travel manager and was then appointed airport manager for both a German and a Swedish airline. She went on working in an incoming agency in Rome and from there she joined Amicheitalia in 2012. Anni works with groups and events of all kinds throughout Italy.

Why Amicheitalia?
– I enjoy Amicheitalia, which is a very inspiring workplace and I like to work in Italy with tailor-made events that have a Scandinavian touch.

Sølvi Catulli


 Sølvi started working in Italy in 1996 as tour leader for Star Tour / Leisure Travel. She moved to Rome in year 2000 and began working for various incoming agencies before ending up at Amicheitalia. She works with groups of all kinds, of course with a little extra focus on our Norwegian customers.

Why Amicheitalia?
– I was inspired by the opportunity to work for Amicheitalia, and to offer our Norwegian clients service in my own mother tongue.

Ida Svanström


In 2014, Ida began studying marketing and sales technology at the Media Institute in Stockholm where she finished her studies with an internship at Amicheitalia in Rome. She works with groups of all kinds throughout the country.

Why Amicheitalia?
– Amicheitalia is just the right place for me. A company that focuses on quality and service and where I can develop professionally and creatively.

Amelie Lindlokken

Project coordinator

Amelie came to Rome as station manager for Braathens Airlines in 1996 and was the airline’s reference point in Italy. Before that, she had worked, among other things at Alitalia and with motor sport events at various locations in Italy.

Why Amicheitalia?
– After working in the tourism and event industry for 25 years, it was a natural step for me to become part of Amicheitalia, where all my experiences are appreciated and become useful.

Amelie mostly works out in the field with groups, meetings and events of various kinds.

Christina Hallmert


Christina has long experience in tourism and came to Amicheitalia in 2008. She works with content, communication and marketing.

Why Amicheitalia?
– I have traveled and experienced a great deal during my years in Italy and see it as a privilege to convey and express it in my professional role.

Linn Frost


Linn is our newest addition and was hired in 2019. She grew up in Sweden but has lived in the metropolis of Milan for 6 years where she has developed a broad network of contacts and excellent knowledge of the city.

Linn works with group events and develops new exciting programs for our customers, mainly in Milan where she is based and other parts of northern Italy.

Why Amicheitalia?
-After having lived and worked in Milan for a long time, becoming a part of the Scandinavian “Amiche team” is a refreshing challenge. I’m passionate about showing “my hometown” Milan, where new and trendy mixes with old and genuine.

Bibi Bartolomei


Bibi came to Amicheitalia in 2018 and is responsible for the finance department. She is the only Italian in Amicheitalia, a trained administrator with extensive experience in finance and accounting. Bibi speaks perfect English and has started studying Swedish in her spare time.

Why Amicheitalia?
– This is a unique workplace where language, culture and experience are blended in a fantastic way. It is stimulating to be one of the “amiche”.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Amicheitalia works actively to improve from an ecological point of view, by recycling to reduce negative environmental impact. We consider ourselves “amiche” of the environment too.

We prefer collaboration with suppliers who have the same attitude and requirements for sustainable development. 


Privacy policy

Amicheitalia s.r.l. promotes privacy awareness in compliance with the European GDPR-law 2016/679 (General Data Protection Regulation).

We only collect necessary information about you to meet and fulfil agreements with clients and suppliers, i.e. contact- and billing information.

No personal information about you is forwarded to third parties without authorization. We don’t keep track of personal data for longer than what is necessary, except from invoices that must be saved for a determined period by Italian law.

You can any time contact us to find out what personal information is stored about you, ask us to change or delete it. If you subscribe to our newsletter, please note that you can unsubscribe at any time.

Amicheitalia s.r.l. with VAT-number IT06693371004 and address Via Pietro Blaserna 92, 00146 Rome, Italy, is responsible for collected personal data and the company’s privacy policy, which is constantly reviewed.

If you have any additional questions about Amicheitalia s.r.l.’s collection and storage of personal data, please contact us at and we will give you more details.