Rome and Castelli Romani

Rome, the eternal city, by the Romans called Caput Mundi – the capital of the world – simply has to be experienced! The wings of history meet you constantly in this vibrant metropolis. Here you can combine your event with visits to 2000 year old monuments, with shopping, entertainment and gastronomic experiences. With well-chosen restaurants, personal guides and a professionally designed program, your business meeting in Rome, with our help, becomes an unforgettable memory. Maybe a gastronomic walk through Rome that combines food and history or a ride in Fiat 500 vintage cars can be attractive?

The Castelli Romani wine district on the fertile hills just south of Rome, offers a bit of a slower pace and good wines, but also exciting outdoor activities in beautiful nature, such as to ride a Vespa, cycle or hike in the lush nature. Here you can have your conference in one of the beautiful cardinal villas that have been transformed into hotels and enjoy local food in cozy restaurants. We can arrange an event in the vineyard area itself in combination with wine tasting and maybe even a cooking course?

19th Century Rome
There is also a Rome outside its historic center: neighborhoods and suburbs of the huge city that were built during the nineteenth century. They all carry clear traces of modern Italian history, but also houses today’s real Rome, where the locals live and work. Also interesting is the district of Eur, which was originally planned by Mussolini for the 1942 World Exhibition.

Why not try a different concept for your conference this time?
The surroundings of Rome are ideally suited for a “walking conference”. “Walk and talk” means walking in nature side by side with colleagues, which makes conversations easier and often more personal and reflective. Both physical and mental stress are reduced and the activity can develop into a complete natural exercise in mindfullness. We can provide a professional facilitator to help you plan a personalized program for your special conference. We can of course do this concept in all locations in Italy suitable for hiking.

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