Liguria and Cinque Terre

The Italian flower riviera and the dramatic coastal strip along the picturesque villages of Cinque Terre leave nobody untouched. The world-famous Cinque Terre area, which became a national park in 1997 and is included in UNESCO’s World Heritage List, has a coastal stretch of approximately 20 km for outstanding natural experiences and unbeatable hiking between the picturesque villages.

Why a meeting in Liguria?
An event in the pleasant city of Sanremo means being surrounded by palm trees and glittering seas and have the chance to make excursions to Monte Carlo or cycling along the coast. Incredibly smooth transfer from Nice airport.

For groups who want to go to Cinque Terre, we recommend accommodation and meetings in the small charming town of Sestri Levante. From here you can go around by boat or train, and we have a wide network of good local guides in the area. Why not start your working day with yoga on the beach at sunrise?

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