Hilda Ljunghill

hilda@amicheitalia.itMob.+39 339 4580902Hilda Ljunghill

Hilda first came to Italy in the 80s working for a scandinavian tour operator and started working for an Italian incoming agency in the early 90s.

Why amicheitalia?

Hilda understood that there was a need for an international event management company offering scandinavian service and therefore amicheitalia was born.

She is a producer of all kinds of events / meetings / conferences and incentives for key clients.

Anna Cavallini

anna@amicheitalia.itMob.+39 333 2853918Anna Cavallini

Anna whose father is Italian has spent her life in Italy and Sweden and moved to Rome in 1991. 

She worked for an Italian incoming agency where she developed her passion for event management.

Why amicheitalia?
– I had worked with Hilda previously so when I got the chance to work with amicheitalia I was thrilled to join this dynamic and productive company.

Anna specializes in groups / events / meetings and incentives.

Anni Knudsen

anni@amicheitalia.itMob.+39 339 2187704Anni Knudsen

Anni came to Rome in 1997 and was an airport manager for both a German and a Swedish airline. She was invited to work at a Danish/Italian incoming agency in 2000.

Why amicheitalia?

- I had no hesitation in joining amicheitalia. I find it such an inspiring environment contributing in tailor-made events the scandinavian way.

Anni works with conferences / events / meetings and Danish clientele.

Ulrica Brunstedt

ulrica@amicheitalia.itMob.+39 342 7387229Ulrica Brunstedt

Ulrica started her career in hotel management in London with Golden Tulips Hotels and in 2001 was transferred to Rome as area manager for the mediterranean region.

Why amicheitalia?
– After 12 years in the hotel industry it was a challenge I couldn't ignore to return to event production and offer my extensive experience in the hotel and marketing area.

Ulrica works on groups/meetings and events.

Sølvi Halås Catulli

solvi@amicheitalia.itMob.+39 344 1445774Sølvi Halås Catulli

Solvi started working in Italy in 1996 as a tour guide for Star Tour/Fritidsresor and settled in Rome in 2000 where she worked for various incoming agencies.

Why amicheitalia?
– I was inspired to be given the opportunity to work with amicheitalia and amicheitalia's Norwegian clientele.

Solvi handles small groups and meetings.


amelie@amicheitalia.itMob.+39 392 7731060AMELIE LINDLOKKEN

Amelie was assigned to Rome in 1996 by Braathens Airlines as station manager and was responsible for Italian operations.

Why amicheitalia?

- After working in tourism and events for 25 years it was a natural step for me to join amicheitalia where my experience is valued.

Amelie deals with groups / meetings / automobile events and Norwegian clientele.


Ida Svanström

ida@amicheitalia.itMob.+39 389 1897512Ida Svanström

Ida is of Italian descent. In 2014 she began studying Marketing Strategy and Sales at the Media Institute in Stockholm which she completed with an internship at amicheitalia.

Why amicheitalia? 

- amicheitalia is the right place for me. A company which focuses on quality and service where I can develop professionally and creatively.

Ida works with groups/meetings/events.



Christina Hallmert

christina@amicheitalia.it+39 066833486Christina Hallmert

Christina moved to Italy in 1993 and has worked in tourism in Milan and Genoa before she came to Rome. She has experience dealing with tour operators, airlines and hotels in both Sweden and Italy. 

Why amicheitalia?
– In 2008 I was offered the role in amicheitalia and saw this as a great opportunity to use my broad knowledge and experience in tourism making me a perfect fit for amicheitalia. Presently Christina works with communication and marketing in Italy.



Jessica Hansson

Jessica@amicheitalia.it+46 (0)70539 44 01Jessica Hansson

- Jessica's passion for Italy has been there since childhood. In the 90's she lived in Lombardy. For over 20 years she has been working in the travel industry with meetings and events and has gained a solid experience in organizing all kinds of events for different companies and industries.
Why amicheitalia?
- "To sell the country I love most of all feels like a privilege. In addition, doing it within a company that always provides high quality and service made the choice easy. I feel that I am completing amicheitalia's team with my experience from the travel agency side and as a former customer of many DMCs all over the world".

Jessica works with all sorts of events, sales and marketing as well as the development of the company.